BiOrb Service Kit


The BiOrb Service Kit includes a mechanical and chemical filtration cartridge, a cleaning cloth designed for acrylic and two water conditioners.

This service kit makes maintenance quick and easy for cleaning any BiOrb fish tank.

Depending on your stock levels and type of fish, filters need to be changed every 4 – 8 weeks.

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The BiOrb Service Kit is for easy maintenance of any BiOrb aquarium.

What is included in a BiOrb Service Kit?

  • Filter cartridge –  easily twist into place onto the base of your bubble tube
  • Mechanical sponge filter – to remove dirt particles and to keep the water clean
  • Chemical filter media – to remove colour, heavy metals and waste like ammonia
  • Lint free cleaning pad – designed to gently clean acrylic, with a soft and rough side
  • Water conditioner – to dechlorinate and help fish to preserve their protective slime coat
  • Biological booster – to encourage beneficial bacteria that utilises fish waste to optimise the water quality
  • Instructions

Quick & easy filter maintenance

The service kit supports quick and easy cleaning. Twist the BiOrb bubble tube then lift it out of the aquarium. Once it is out of the tank, twist again at the base of the bubble tube to remove the old filter cartridge. Simply replace the whole cartridge with a new one and reverse those two steps to put the bubble tube back into your BiOrb.

Regular Maintenance

We recommend changing aquarium water little and often to maintain good water quality and happy fish!

Each time that you change some water, make sure to add some dechlorinator like H2O Maker.

It is also a good idea to check your water quality for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH and KH on a regular basis.

See below for how often to change your filter.

Three types of filtration

  1. Mechanical
  2. Chemical
  3. Biological

Fitted with a foam element for mechanical filtration. This sponge is for removing particles from the aquarium.

Spare filter cartridges come with chemical filter media to remove some colouration from the water, heavy metals and waste products like ammonia.

There is no need to be concerned by changing the whole filter at once, because all BiOrb’s are set up with a substrate of ceramic media. This special media is full of pores for beneficial live bacteria to live on. This biological media forms part of the filtration and so, you are not changing all of the filtration at once by changing only the cartridge.

Suitable for all BiOrb aquariums

All BiOrb tanks come with the same type of filter design, meaning that this filter is suitable for any size or shape of BiOrb.

How often should I change my BiOrb service kit?

Depending on your aquarium waste levels, your type of fish and feeding schedule, you need to change your filter every four to eight weeks. The chemical filtration will no longer be effective after eight weeks of use. See below for a rough guide to how often you need to change your filter:

  • Heavily stocked aquarium / a tank with larger messy fish (like fancy goldfish) – change every 4 weeks or once per calendar month
  • Medium stocked most tropical set ups with small fish like neon tetras – change every 6 weeks
  • Lightly stocked tanks with only a could of tiny fish – change every 8 weeks