BioMaster Thermo 600


BioMaster Thermo 600 by Oase is an external filter suitable for large aquariums of 600 litres volume or less.

An aquarium heater is included neatly within the filter body so that you have less equipment in your fish tank.

The pump is energy efficient and quiet.

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BioMaster Thermo 600 by Oase is an external filter for large aquariums. This filter includes a HeatUp 300 heater neatly integrated into the filter unit.

The BioMaster Thermo 600 will filter and heat aquariums of up to 600 litres. If your aquarium is more than 600 litres we also have the BioMaster Thermo 850 in stock. Alternately you can use two external filters to get optimum filtration.

More space for your fish

The beauty of external filters is that they can be hidden away in your aquarium cabinet. All you will see in the fish tank is one pipe in and one pipe out. This gives your fish more swimming space, and you undisturbed views of their underwater world. Having an external filter also gives your tank slightly more water volume and much more filtration capacity.

Integrated heater

This filter is an even better design than most, because it houses an aquarium heater. This means there’s even less aquarium equipment visible in your tank. Having your heater installed into the filter unit also protects the heater. Leaving it less exposed to the possibility of knocks or falling rocks or even of running dry. If you would rather have this filter without a heater click here to see the BioMaster 600.

Pre-filter module

Another thing that we love about this filter is it’s pre-filter. It saves you time and effort and keeps the main filter cleaner for longer. You may find this even saves you money on frequent filter media changes. No more bothersome dismantling of the filter – simply remove the pre-filter module, rinse and replace.

Easy maintenance

When you do want to get into the main filter body it is easy. There is a shut off mechanism to prevent unwanted water leakage when you are carrying out maintenance. The unit has sturdy clips on all four sides. Inside there is a stacked tray system for the filter media to sit in. It comes with all the filtration that you need to get started but the filter is versatile should you wish to add other media like phosphate remover.

Complete quick start set

Includes filter media, hoses, adaptors, flow regulator, suction and discharge pipe as well as water diffuser. The water flow rate can be adjusted on the inflow and outflow adaptor.


The BioMaster pump is extremely quiet and energy efficient.


On the top of the unit there’s a blue venting button. This is for effective water suction to get the filter started quickly and easily during installation and after cleaning.

Clear & healthy aquarium water

The high surface area volume of the filter foams and biological media ensure effective filtration. The pre-filter increases the lifespan of the biological media.

Your aquarium’s life support system

When aquarium foam has a high surface area, more ‘friendly’ bacteria are able to colonise. This filter bacteria is known as denitrifying bacteria. It is important to have a healthy population growing in your filter as it helps to break down fish waste.

Run an aquarium filter 24 hours a day to keep the water quality balanced for your aquatic animals.

In order to keep you bacteria colony healthy, remember not to clean your sponges with tap water. Instead, take a small bucket of water out of the tank and gently squeeze your filter sponges in this bucket of water to remove excess waste. When topping up your tank afterwards it is important to use dechlorinator. Chlorine in tap water is designed to kill off bacteria and that’s the last thing we want to do to our aquarium filters!

Technical data:

Suitable for aquariums up to max. l 600
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 240 x 240 x 480
Rated voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Power consumption filter + heater 22 + 300 W
Net weight kg 6.70
Limited Warranty Years 3 + 1
Max. flow rate l/h 1250
Max. head height, metres m 1.80
Hose (quantity/length) 1 UNIT/4 m
Connection for hoses ø (inner/outer) 16 / 22 mm
Filter volume l 6.8
Pre-filter volume l 0.60
Suitable for freshwater Yes
Suitable for saltwater Yes


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