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Bacopa sp.


Bacopa is a bunched aquarium stem plant that is easy to keep. It is light green with rounded leaves.

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Bacopa is a tropical aquarium plant. This fast growing plant is easy to keep. It can grow to over 25cm tall and will thrive in almost any light level.

The ideal temperature range for his plant is between 18 – 28 degrees Celsius.

The leaves of Bacopa will retain a nice light green colour and may display a more yellow colour at the tips as the plant grow closer to the light. It has rounded leaves and thick stems.

Being a tall plant, it is best placed in the mid to background of an aquarium. If it gets too tall it can easily be cut anywhere along the stem then replanted.

All of our bunched plants arrive with a lead weight around the base. For best care, please take the plants out of the bunch and gently remove the lead. Plant into a suitable substrate to allow the roots to grow and avoid rotting. However, this plant is so hardy that you can leave it in the lead weight in a bunch if you don’t have enough substrate to anchor it. The lead is completely safe for coldwater and tropical aquariums.

This plant is suitable for any type of aquarium. A lot of people use plants like this to use up excess nutrients in a new aquarium. This is because it is fast growing, making it very effective at controlling waste levels. If your waste levels are high, we would also recommend regular maintenance to help reduce them.

Light, CO2 & nutrition

To keep your plants flourishing you need to make sure that they get enough light, CO2 and nutrition.

Bacopa like most light level intensities. For most tanks, 6 – 8 hours of light is about right because if you leave the lights on for too long you can end up with algae problems.

This plant is not too fussy about CO2. However, if you have a CO2 system it will benefit your tropical plants and it will help this plant to grow better.

We recommend feeding all aquarium plants with a high quality plant food like Ferropol or Plant Food+.

Please note that the photo is a typical example of this plant. These are living plants, as a result, they do vary slightly.


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