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Algae Pad – Glass Aquarium


Keep your aquarium sparkling with this durable hand held algae pad for cleaning unsightly algae from your glass aquarium.

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This algae pad is for use on an glass aquarium. It is durable for long lasting use. Being hand held, this pad allows you to get into all the nooks and crannies of your aquarium. The pad scrapes and removes algae quickly and easily, and may be used as frequently as needed.

Some amount of algae growth within the aquarium is quite natural. Over time small amounts can grow on the surfaces of your aquarium. In this situation the Algae Pad by API is all you will need to keep your glass aquarium sparkling. It is a good idea to keep on top of cleaning the glass and we recommend going over it at least once a week to stop hard algae from growing. Soft algae is far easier to clean away than hard algae! If however you find that you are constantly cleaning and scrubbing away at your aquarium or experiencing rapid algae growth there could be a separate issue that may need to be addressed.

There are many causes of nuisance algae in the aquarium, here are a few:

Too many hours of light

Most aquariums only need around 6 – 8 hours of light. If you are getting excessive algae growth, you could try dropping the amount of hours that your light is on for.

Unsuitable aquarium lighting

Make sure that you are using a light that is designed for the type of aquarium that you keep. Also, how old is your light? If you have tube or halide lighting and the bulbs are older than 6 months – 1 year it may be time to change them. Old bulbs give a spectrum that is better for algae growth.

High waste nutrients

If your nitrate or phosphate levels are high this could also be causing algae to grow.

We recommend frequent testing to ensure happy livestock and a healthy environment.

If you are unsure of what your water parameters should be, you can book in with one of our aquarists for a health check service.

Be careful when using this product not to accidently pick up objects such as sand and gravel whilst carrying out maintenance as this can stick to the pad and scratch aquarium glass.


  • Always rinse pad before and after use with tap water.
  • Do not use on dry surfaces.
  • Not for use on acrylic aquariums.

If you have an acrylic aquarium click here to find the acrylic cleaning pad.


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