Re-Mineral Tropic 250g to make reverse osmosis (RO) water or soft tap water safe for tropical freshwater fish, shrimps & plants.
Re-Mineral Tropic 250g
Minerals and trace elements for reverse osmosis water and for soft tap water.
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Reef Z-pHplus complete dosing 2 part 1000ml, 2500ml, 5000ml, 10 litre
Z-pHplus (2 Part Dosing)
Z-pHplus (2 Part Dosing) by Reef Zlements - designed for adding all macro and trace elements that corals need to thrive.

Tests have proven that Z-pHplus is more effective than using Kalkwasser or CO2 scrubbers at raising pH.

If your tank has a pH of 8.15 or below, pHplus is the best dosing solution for you.

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